10 comments on “MEKTON ZERO: The Designer’s Notes #1

  1. This should really be on the Main page of the Kickstarter. You want to be as public as possible with anything you can use to sell your project.

  2. Mike, that was awesome. Sounds like the changes that are coming are going to be great stuff. Very much looking forward to the completion of the kickstarter

  3. I have three questions:
    1 Is this game the much rumored “Fuzion” update for MEKTON, the way Cyberpunk v3 was the Fuzion update for Cyberpunk?
    2 While the book seems to deal a lot with the world of Algol, will the book allow for play in a GM’s own created world or universe?
    3 While you said that MEKTON Z and Z+ will be still be compatible with this game, how do the new rules affect the creation and play of “fully living” mechanoids such as androids or Transformers™ characters where the mecha themselves are literally fully living characters in their own right.

    • 1) Mekton Zero is very much the same as the original Mekton, save that a couple of stats have been added/changed, and the main combat system for mecha uses our Mekton Movie SI system to speed resolution. It is designed to allow you to swap between the existing Mekton Zeta and Zeta+ books as desired.
      2) The book is pretty much an Algol centered book. But there’s a LOT of things you can do in an Algol based campaign.
      3) You will want to use Mekton Zeta and Zeta+ for all your non-Algol, build-it-yourself needs.

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