One comment on “Cyberwear is Just Around the Corner

  1. What is cool about this method is that it addresses the latency problem that many brain interface systems tend to have. It isn’t enough to successfully interface with the brain if the I/O is to slow the user will buck. I’ve seen interview with amputees piloting such systems and explaining the incredible frustration they experience with latency. This is why so many go back to first generation prosthetics, that allow for immediate haptic feedback and essentially zero latency. So, improving this response time while introducing more motor function is the key to progress. At least in terms of achieving original limb function, or you could go the Aimee Mullins route and just dream up something better.

    On the South Am Cyberwar question; I often shudder when thinking how eerie the predictions in the Cyberpunk 2020 book are. The first conflict gave rise to the need to accelerate R & D in artificial limbs for the growing veterans with dismemberment. Something like life imitating art. Not difficult to imagine the eventual progress going from restoring to weaponizing, like in the second conflict.

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