13 comments on “Buy Yourself a Witcher

  1. Will the physical book eventually be released to the general public or is GenCon the only place people will ever be able to buy it (other than secondary markets like eBay for a markup, of course LOL)?

    • The physical copy will be up for sale mid-August. We’ll need a new print run which will be a little less “GET READY FOR GEN CON NOW!” and more “We love our printers and don’t want to drive them insane”. Once they’re in our warehouse, we’ll be putting it up for sale on our webstore. In addition, it will be available for stores and distributors to order, so if you want to support your local game store you can go in and ask them to carry the book.

  2. Will there be an ISBN for the book? I called my FLGS tonight, and they’d never heard of this RPG, and thought that R Talsorian Games wasn’t publishing RPG’s anymore. They indicated they’d love to carry it, but don’t know which distributors etc. will have it.

    • Hi! To be fair, this is the first new R. Talsorian game in quite a while! The book does have an ISBN but I don’t have it off the top of my head. I’ll get it for you. In the meanwhile, we’re in the middle of discussions with several distributors who approached us at GenCon about getting the Witcher TRPG out there.

  3. When will the german version be available? I’m dying to get started but I don’t want to purchase both the english and the german version…

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