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R.Talsorian E-Mail Address:

R.Talsorian Address:

P.O. Box 82922

Kenmore WA, 98028

R.Talsorian Phone Number:



7 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Is there still a way to help fund Mekton Zero now that the Kickstarter’s closed? I just found out about this, and would love to help fund one of my favorite childhood RPGs!

    • While it’s too late to help us fund Mekton Zero, you will be able to pick the book (and other materials) up after the Kickstarter release from your local hobby store, online at our stores, or through Drive Thru RPG.

  2. Hello, we are trying to reach you on email and phone, but with no response, is there any other way, how we can contact you? Thank you!

  3. Has R. Talsorian Games ever considered having CP to be converted into VTT, such as Fantasy Grounds? I am a long time fan of CP 2020, and a fellow washingtonian. Hit me up if this interests your team?

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