Job Submissions

Writing submissions: Let us know about your experience writing. Also which game lines you wish to write for. Send us a short writing sample (1 page).The topic should be something other than our games. Your sample will go to the design team and be held in case a project suited to your style comes up.

Art submissions: R. Talsorian is always looking for good artists. Please send us samples or a URL for your work online. We are particularly looking for art that would fit Cyberpunk or anime style art to fit Mekton, particularly mecha artists. Please look over the sourcebooks if possible. Your samples or URL will be passed on to the Art Director, who assigns art and maintains samples for future use.


2 comments on “Job Submissions

  1. What form would a writing submission entail? Straightforward prose or, for example, an article-style sample character biography?

    • Hello John, Either the prose or the biography would be fine. We just ask that you not send us anything you might want to use yourself. We try very hard to avoid the “They stole my work” problem, so its best that we not see anything that could cause a conflict of interest situation. Hope that makes sense.

      Lisa Pondsmit
      Business Manager, RTG

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